Dr Grant Blashki

GP, Academic and Public Health Communicator


Associate Prof Grant Blashki is an experienced public speaker and has given hundreds of presentations to audiences from  large corporations through to non-government organisations to audiences in China. In particular he has engaging and insightful presentations on four themes; 1 Maintaining Mental and Physical Well-being  2 Understanding General Practice 3 Environmental Sustainability in the Modern Workplace and 4 Engagement in China.  He has a particular interest in presenting to workplaces and how they can best prevent mental and physical illnesses, and has in depth experience in primary care and general practice around the world. 


Examples of some of his presentations are listed below;

  1. Seafolly Australia
  2. Australian Catholic Healthcare Association
  3. Malthouse Theatre
  4. beyondblue
  5. Australian Conservation Foundation
  6. World Organisation of Family Doctors
  7. Shenzhen Hospital Group
  8. Rotary 

Cost of Presentations

Corporate organisations; $6000

Non-government organisations: $3000